Cage Rattled

by Dan Gheesling

The saying “having your cage rattled” is usually associated with something bad.

It is usually used to describe someone who is not focused or highly distracted.

I had my cage rattled last night and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

When someone cares enough about you to rattle your cage, be grateful they’re in your life, and listen to what their telling you.

They’re doing it for a reason, because they want the best for you.

There’s my deep blog post for the month. ;)


  • Carol

    Not sure what in the heck you are talking about but sounds like a good thing!!!!! Congrats!

  • stevehut

    Does this mean that you’re not going to be playing 15 hours of dark souls each week?

  • Lloyd

    Or maybe your least deep post, since you didn’t elaborate and let us in on anything real.

    Apparently you are trying to rattle our cages….

  • scott

    I get it.

  • Frankie

    So are you going to tell us or do we have to guess? I guess your going to have a baby, if so congrats

    • Nicole Kozminuk

      No. I think if it was a baby he would just be waaaay too proud to hold something like that hostage from the public! Sounds like something he wants to keep a secret, but just had to express to the world in some little way, all the same… I think keeping it a mystery is good. Keep us all wondering forever, Dan!

      • TeeTee

        Agreed!!! I don’t think he could keep that information a secret for very long!

  • Nicole Kozminuk


  • claudette

    inspirational…i have discovered that when someone says something that i’m not expecting…perhaps, even not liking…that is when i need to really listen. ponder the words, think about my participation and take action…on my part, not theirs’. it is so freeing, when we focus on ourselves, because that is the only part that we can control…good to hear that you are experiencing this thing that we call life.

  • Jen

    It’s not right to tease – lol. I just cannot take suspense – you must tell immediately :-)

  • TeeTee

    Okay now that was a cryptic blog for sure! So we are left to wonder and guess??? No fair!!!! lololol Yes this does rattle my cage not knowing…..They say patience is a virtue so I will try and be patient – key word “try”.

  • Tonya

    Mysteries are on my list of favorite things. Thanks Dan..looking forward to more monthly blogs. Sending peace and love.

  • Melissa

    So I was mowing the yard and I had my playlist on my phone on…Okay I have 1 playlist and it is songs from concerts ive been too…I have NEVER seen George Strait in concert. He is NOT on my playlist. However, while im mowing “You’ll Be There” came on. For those that know I don’t need to explain but for those that don’t that is the song we played at Tristens funeral. Wednesday is the anniversary of his passing and just like every year previous to this year I have a hard time as his anniversary date gets closer. I cried like a big baby while mowing my yard during this song…And to follow up that one the next song was “When I Get Where Im Going”…Not the same but it sure did rattle me :/

  • Melissa

    meant to edit that a little more :/ I know none of you know me…Cant you tell im rattled?

    • TeeTee

      Thats ok Melissa – you needed to vent it and im sure you were feeling rattled – we have all lost a loved one at some time or another that we just can’t get over it – we just learn to live each day with it a little better – my dad passed in 2006 of Pancreatic Cancer and i am an only child and yes daddy’s little girl – his favourite artist was George Jones and his favourite song was “He stopped loving her today” – to this day i cannot listen to George Jones…..I understand hun truly i do!

      • Melissa

        Thank you and I am so sorry for you loss. It is something you get through 1 day at a time. That is a beautiful song and i can imagine not being able to listen. My son passed away in 2005, I had my tubes tied when he was a baby so now I cant have anymore kids. My 10 year old is my saving grace.

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