Top 5 Favorite Things This Week: Breaking Bad & Blades

by Dan Gheesling


My Top 5 Favorite things of the week in the past have included everything from video games, to food, and everything in between.

Everything posted in the series of Top 5 Favorite posts, is something that has been discovered (or revisited) that I feel is worth sharing with you!


#1 Mega Man 2 Music

Dan-Gheesling-Megaman-2Last night after Watch With Dan we played through all of Mega Man 2.  While Megaman 2 is an amazing game in itself, the music in the game, even though it’s only 8-bit is better than most of what’s on the radio today.  If you don’t believe me just type “Megaman 2 remix” into YouTube and you will see pages upon pages of renditions. Classic.


Dan-Gheesling-Comments#2 Comments

When I write blog posts, host Watch With Dan, and create YouTube videos a lot of it is done in isolation by myself. The process of creation is fun but, what I truly enjoy is reading/hearing your reactions and input to everything that is created.

Over the past month, there has been a lot of interaction in the comment sections of everything that has been going on, and I thank you guys for it. It is something I think a lot of content creators across the internet neglect, but often times I’ll find motivation, ideas, criticism, and ways to improve everything, all from your comments. Now if we could just come up with a name for this weekly blog post we’d be all set. ;)

#3 – Dollar Shave Club

Dollar-Shave-Club-Dan-GheeslingI’m as skeptical as the next guy when it comes to online promotions. But when I saw something pop up for the Dollar Shave Club I decided to give it a try.

I’m big on the idea of having things auto-delivered and not having to worry about them, ever. Not to mention the product, if good, is about 75% less expensive than the razors I currently use. So, I decided to give it a try and bought the $6.00/month version, the 4X razor.

After about a month of using it I’m pretty impressed. Does it perform 100% like a Mach 3 Razor? No. Is it in the 90% range, yes.

The odd thing that I enjoy about this razor is that it ships with 4 blade cartridges every month. I get a weird satisfaction from being able to change the razor every week, where as before with my Mach 3, I would run it down for about 3 weeks because they were so expensive.

The best part about this is that the razors are good and you never have to worry about remembering to buy razors again. It’s definitely worth the money, but I wouldn’t mess with the $1 version as I tried that as well and it is struggle city. I use the middle of the road 4x version, but they do offer an even crazier one with 6 blades if you wanted to try it yourself (affiliate link)!


#4 – Community

Dan-Gheesling-Community-RenegamersAbout 9 months ago I started live streaming to an audience of around 20 people. Since then the audience has grown significantly, but it’s much more than that.

A community has been formed and it’s a pretty cool thing. Over time as the community has grown through gaming, random pop-ins, and Watch With Dan, it’s been encouraging to see how positive people can be on the Internet.

The Internet is known for its trolls who lurk online with the intent of causing chaos. Standing from the outside, seeing people treat each other with respect and welcome one another in our online community has been a source of pride. If you’ve had any part in building that community, whether you encourage others, promote discussion, or welcome people, thank you. It’s been a favorite of mine for a long time.


#5 – Breaking Bad

Breaking-Bad-Dan-GheeslingEveryone knows I love Dexter, but Breaking Bad is in a very close second. It’s such a smart show, and has created one of the greatest Anti-Heroes in TV history. It comes back this Sunday for the final 8 episodes on AMC.

If you like smart and gritty, this series is for you. Time to catch up.

S.O.S.O.S.O.S – We still haven’t come up with a good name for the favorites…do I need to start bribing people with some sort of a giveaway for a creative name that I am stumped on?

  • Georgia

    Aww I feel bad for the name struggle.


    1. Dan’s a Fan
    2. What’s In With Dan (Or just What’s In or …)
    3. A Nickels Worth ( Dan’s Nickel Nickel for Dan’s thoughts etc)
    4. What’s Up What’s In
    5. Work Week Relief

    Tossed them out off the top of my head.

  • Stephenie Ambrose

    Dollar Shave Club = genius!!!!! I’m totally signing the husband up for that, it’s such a bargain! We easily spend over $30/month on razors.

    As a ReneGamer, I say thank you, sir. We’re a great community because of you. Sure we disagree about the games you play ( BOI anyone? lol ) , but I love watching it and thank you for doing it.

    I’ve been meaning to check in on Breaking Bad, just so little time! I’ll make a more valiant effort.

    As always, thanks for everything! Love your favorites on Friday!


  • Athena Santana

    Awww, You are too kind, Thank you for the kind words. :) about The Renegamer Community, We are truly like Family in there, and its because of you that we were brought together, so Thank you Sir! :)

    Yes, I know some of us haven’t meet yet, ;) but we will. I would love to meet you one day my friend :) I am so glad you found a great on razors and stuff that is really good, I will let my brothers know for sure. Thanks! :) and as for names:
    1. Dan’s Thoughts for the week and new finds
    2. End of the week Thoughts and Favs
    3. End of the week Enjoyments and Favs

  • Sarah

    Dan you are too great for words :) hmmm that name predicament needs to be fixed right away though….

  • Colleen Kelly

    I’ll tell the guys in the family about The Shave club thing!. They are so expensive it’s ridiculous isn’t it?.
    Everyone in the chat room has been very kind. It’s nice to chat with everyone and joke around. :)
    I have never seen “Breaking Bad” So about that I cannot say. I am looking forward the “The Walking Dead” though. Not a fan of blood and walkers but I do like the stories of the people.

    I really have been enjoying Bioshock. I have to catch up though I have I guess, 3 to see.

    A name….I will think about it but ya know Gheesling, so far you haven’t liked any I’ve come up with.. So it’s not looking too hopeful.. But not one to ever give up…I will keep brain storming.. What are your best idea’s ?
    :) Thanks Dan, good job! :)

  • Jacqi

    Loving all of the blog posts!

    Name idea: Dan’s Rants and Raves of the week

  • Becca

    What about ” The five of the seven”

  • Sarah

    Dan’s man cave faves.

  • Adrienne Ulliac

    LOVE IT!!! We have been using the dollar shave club blades for over a year now and love that they are so cheap and ship to the door….. genius and fun marketing as well. I’m tempted to upgrade to their top line razor and will let you know if it’s that much better or not :)

  • TeeTee

    Awesome blog as always Dan!!! Again you have given me my daily smile and laugh from reading your blog :)

    I have to say I am loving Watch With Dan!! It’s thrilling to hear your comments and insights into how the HG’s are playing the game – ahem sarcasm umm or “not” playing the game. WWD has truly enhanced my guilty summer pleasure of watching BB!!!
    It still amazes me each week as I think I am actually watching BB with you live!

    The members of your online community are so kind and welcoming and are a joy to chat/joke with while watching the show. I look forward to it every Thursday night! In fact, even though I am not a gamer (shhhh our secret) I stay in chat, if I can, to watch you gaming and continue chatting with such a great group of people!!

    Hmmmm still don’t like any of the names submitted for the Friday blog huh …… ok will give it some more thought then.

    BTW did you notice that in one of the BB House Bedrooms there is a white Moosehead on the wall …… kinda like Marsha the Moose from BB Canada……similar stage set up and a moosehead….just an observation….lol maybe looking forward to a BB North America version…..just saying lol

  • Jennifer

    Love Watching with Dan, and I’m so glad you do it. This is, by far, my least favorite season….(but’s it’s BB so that all relative ;) ) but having something new like Watching with Dan has made it much more fun than I think it would have been with

    How about “Breaking Dan–my top 5 favs of the week”….as you know Breaking “Bad” means suddenly turning bad or behaving badly….so by telling us your top 5 things, we are kind of “Breaking Dan”…if that makes sense……lol. I’m hearing the term used in other contexts so…just an idea. :)

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