What I Brought Into the BB House: The T-Shirts

by Dan Gheesling

This is a post Dan wrote before he left for the Big Brother House. Enjoy!!

- Chelsea Gheesling

Why Am I Telling You What I Packed?

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Big Brother.  Back in the day I even used to watch the live feeds!  It seems like every season the house-guests would bring some epic stuff into the house.  Some of the stuff I would want to buy, because I liked it that much!  The problem was trying to find the exact match of what people brought with them into the house.  With that in mind I made a series of videos of explaining EVERYTHING I am bringing into the Big Brother house.

Most of the things I’m bringing in with me have stories behind them, which I am going to share with you in the videos.  Other items I’m bringing in are what I call “vintage” meaning they are 4 years old and have already been in the Big Brother House.  And of course, my wife and I did make a run up to Great Lakes Crossing Mall, to get some new clothes to bring in.

For every item that is still available, I will include an affiliate link to where you can buy them.  Just so you are aware, if you purchase any items through the affiliate links, I will get a small commission from it.  It doesn’t cost you anymore money to purchase them through my links, but thank you in advance if you do!

I hope you enjoy the first video below…..

 What I Brought Into the BB House: Video #1 The T-shirts.


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New Shirts.

Here are the shirts that are available to buy. Just click on the image to order.


This shirt represents my thanks to both Paul Haynes, and John L Smith who both now coach for the Razorbacks.



Since I can’t sneak a Karate Kid shirt into the Big Brother House, this is the next best thing.



A little shout-out to my gamer buddies. Plus, how could you not wear a shirt that says Alliance in the house?



Dedication to my hometown and the police who serve and keep it safe.



The U shirt is for the small community I live in now.


  • Deena

    Now who had to re-fold all those shirts? You or Dan?? lol

    • Dan Gheesling

      HAHAHA! I helped helped the hubs pack :)

  • Shelly

    There is no one like Dan. Such a gem. Love these posts!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling


  • Kyle W

    Good Luck Dan! Thanks for sharing Dan and Chelsea. Thanks for Representing Arkansas! Maybe Dan and Britney will talk Hog football this summer!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      No problem!

  • Seath

    Dan is such a thoughtful guy. Things like this is one reason he is my fav of all time. TY ma’am for sharing

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      He is a very thoughtful guy :)

  • hailey

    GO HOGS!!!

  • Beth

    So happy to see Dan rocking the Spartan pride last night!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      GO MSU!

  • Daisy

    I’m #TeamDan all the way! Such a great man!

  • Daisy

    SO cool what he planned to share with all of us! REALLY smart! Thanks a lot Dan and Chelsea!!!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      No problem! Stay tuned for more!

  • Cheryl

    I love the Dan updates. Nobody has ever done that before! Nice work Gheeslings!!

  • Dixie

    I’m so happy to see Dan in the BB house again this season.. but extremely happy to see he brought his St.Mary’s tee back in… Dan fans love that shirt! LOL

    Good luck Dan!!

  • melissa

    The u shirt, is thay a mascot or something? I’m from metro Detroit and find the shirt fascinating, just wondering if anyone knows what the “blob” is. Perhaps the cities shape, or zip codes shape or a mascot.

  • Barb


  • Cheri Freytag

    I’m also wondering what the blob is on his shirt..I’m from Michigan and am just curious

    • slippy

      The blob is Union Lake, a lake near the aptly named town of Union Lake, MI. Here it is on Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/AVMR

  • David Lando

    Just curious to find out what video games Dan really likes. Huge Dan fan, hope he goes all the way in Big Brother 14.

  • Amanda

    Yet another reason I love him. This blog AND he is a hog fan. I wanna know what Brit & Frank (orginally from Marianna, AR) say when they c it!

  • Jo

    Hi I Was wondering were can you get these shirts? <3

  • Mary Beth

    Go State! LOVE that Dan is a Spartan!

  • Robert

    Dan is my all time favorite player. He is just such a cool person. Anybody is lucky to be around his positive attitude.

  • Sissy

    Dan rocks!! What a blessed family he has, too!! This website is great, and, just furthers my #GOFORITDAN !! LOL He’s sooooooooooooooooooo smooooooooooooooth in the house!!

    I hope he walks out a winner, AGAIN!!!

  • http://bb Jackqulyn

    Hi Dan, I am a 66 years old great grandma and loved you in your other season and was thrilled to see you back this year.Will be rooting for you all the way!!! Love you , good luck . GO DAN!! GO DAN !!

  • Windi

    Anyone know where Dan got the Black/gray Spartans t shirt?!?!?!

  • sean

    what is the connection with john l smith and haynes that dan has?

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      Dan used to coach with Haynes at MSU. He was a mentor to Dan.

  • Heather

    My 8 yr old son wants to dress up like Dan for Haloween. He has the karate kid headband and wants the re U shirt. Where can I find it?

  • Kristie

    I’ve been researching everything about BB and I had a question about apparel. I’m also from “Dearborn County”, just a different state. I work at my local animal shelter and was wondering..are you aloud to bring t-shirts with there logo on them? It says, “PAWS of Dearborn County” on it. Thanks for the tip!

  • Roxy

    Dan, Tryin to figure out if somethin I just heard is true, Have you ever coached for Razorback Football? Razorback connection please? Fan? Former coach? :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Never. But at the time my coaching mentor was there, Paul Haynes, he is now the Head Coach at Kent State!

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