Top 5 Favorite Things This Week: Big Brother, More Zombies, & Miley?!?

by Dan Gheesling


Lots of crazy things going on, but here are my favorite things from this week!

#1 Playing The Last of Us!


I haven’t been the biggest fan of all the Naughty Dog games (Uncharted 1-3) but The Last of Us is amazing.

Playing it is like guiding the perfect Zombie story game, and I often find myself thinking I’m actually Rick Grimes while playing it.

Incredible game, I’d recommend anyone who loves anything video gaming related to go get it now. It’s also been a fun game to stream because it’s almost like watching a movie, and the streaming community has been solid in not revealing spoilers while we’re playing it.

Miley-Dan-Gheesling#2 New Miley Song

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Katy Perry, but Miley Cyrus not so much.

Sure, she has the classic Party in The USA song, but that’s about it…until I heard this song on the radio, yes it’s bad Pop, but I like it!

Maybe because it’s so auto-tuned out. I encourage you to pass judgement in the comments below. ;)

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


#3 – Big Brother 15

Watch-With-Dan-Player-Of-The-Day-1-JuddBig Brother is back, and your (my) summer is over. It’s fun be a part of Big Brother this season from the AUDIENCE perspective.

The first episode of Watch With Dan was a lot of fun with a great audience.

Staying involved with the show in this John Madden like capacity is something I’m looking forward to doing the rest of the season thanks to you guys!

#4 – DEXTER is Back!

Dan-Gheesling-Dexter-FavoriteOK, so this favorite hasn’t happen yet, but Dexter returns this Sunday!

It’s one of the best shows of all time, if you haven’t watched any of them; you have until Sunday to catch up.

It’s sad that this is the last season, but all great things come to an end. Can’t wait for this show!


#5 – Robson Communications

Win-Big-Brother-Live-FeedsNo this is not a shameless plug for the Watch With Dan season-long sponsor.

It’s a sincere thank you for stepping up, seeing the value, and being a great partner of Watch With Dan.

Without Robson Communications support the show would not be happening!


Hey guys, we’re still failing on the name of this blog post series.

Translation: I’m failing in the naming department!

I need to come up with something creative, catchy, and epic. HELP ME IN THE COMMENTS. ;)

  • Mandi Barrett

    Dan…..Miley Cyrus….really? So the number one reason I don’t like her is because she is a bad influence on young girls…and after watching her GMA performance those were the main people there to see her.

    This song though? It sings about “dancing with Molly”…Molly obviously is a stage name for ecstasy. What I took from the song is that she’s telling people to go ahead and get high….and act like an idiot.

    I get that its a party song…but if she likes it or not, its marketed towards young girls….not cool.

    Anyway, I do appreciate your diverse love of music.

  • Bama Gal

    Daring Divination with Dan

    Just trying to be catchy!

  • ally

    Nice to see you still keep up with the latest bb news. I’m wondering of anything will top last season, you were beyond epic! I was kinda hoping to see your wife on the show this season.. Maybe one day haha!

    • Meme

      How don you know shes not on BB? oooh you never thought about that huh? lol

  • Kristin

    You’re funny! I like Katy Perry and even went to her concert a couple years ago. Not sure about Miley’s song, however. You should call this Favorite Fives. :) I am so curious how Dexter will conclude. I don’t have Showtime but my husband and I are hoping for a free preview so we can have a marathon or just get the DVDs… so no spoilers, Dan! I’m psyched about BB15 and think it will be a great cast to watch. Let’s Go!!!

  •!/tara.spry.7?__user=1009483815 Tara

    DanG- as in your name is Dan G. and dang! did you see that?
    OMG- Oh my ghees (instead of geez)

    Really corny I know, but was trying for something that was a play on words

  • Joe

    I already gave you gold with my suggestion of “We have to go back! (Dan’s weekly favs)” I think its creative, catchy, and maybe a little epic, but then again I am a Lost fanatic!

  • jay

    Dan gheesling hi five

  • EpicJamJenn

    Why don’t you call it the Epiclist? Your favorites are epic (minus that Miley song… not an epic jam, sir) and it can pay homage to a certain someone who gave you the idea *cough* *cough* :P

    • sholland

      hahaha! EEEJ! Love it!

  • Dan

    Great list as always (even Miley I suppose). Totally agree with Judd for MVP of the first episode as well. For a list title I was thinking “Safe from Eviction”. The idea could be that you present a key to each item that you think deserves to be relevant that week.

  • Colleen Kelly

    Oh Miley.. Just finding her own way I guess.. :)
    Aren’t we all.

    So a name. Hey I like “The Friday5″ <<< (like that)
    Creative and catchy.
    Thanks, great post Dan :)

  • Georgia

    Dexter and BB starting back in the same week. Best T.V. week this year. *Thumps up the top five*

    • Ranelle

      Stamp. Dexter should have been higher on the list than Miley though! Can’t wait for Sunday

  • Jackie

    It was a good week and I enjoyed Watch With Dan very much!

    Miley though? I can appreciate some pop every now and then but it has to have a good beat. That Miley song sounds like a combo of a rejected demo from the 90s plus some default clap beat on ProTools. ;)

  • Elizabeth

    The Mist List… I’m just saying!

    I love Miley, so way to go there. I don’t have time to catch up on Dexter right now. I just got hooked on Homeland and with BB coming back and attempting to remain somewhat productive as a human being, Dexter is going to have to wait. And finally, zombies… Meh.

    You are certainly missed my (virtual whom I’ve never met) BB friend!

  • Tara

    Totally corny but I was trying to come up with a play on words:
    DanG- as in your name Dan G. and Dang! This weeks top 5 or
    OMGhees- instead of gee or geez
    Eh, I tried

  • Athena Santana

    Love it! LOL I personally don’t care for Miley but hey its cool that you do :) Awesome Faves! I would say name it hmmmmm ummmm..okay okay sorry..hahaha How about Favorites For The Week? or My Epic Faves? sorry not much I know. :P but thank you for Posting ;)

  • Tonsi

    Hi Dan,
    Enjoyed your visit on the BBC–I’m from Nova Scotia and loved your support for Jillian and Emmett. I wish we had access to the live feeds of BB15. The name I think is catchy is “High Five’s”. Good luck!

  • http://none Tonsi

    Hi Dan,
    My suggestion for your site is High Five’s.

  • Bobby flynne

    Wow that’s creepy… Four of your favorite things this week are stuff that my dad is really interested in (the last of us, big brother, dexter – he is a massive fan of this show, and he loves Katty perry). LOL I am creeped out now… Dan are you my father?

  • Blazzer00

    Hey Dan, I have a suggestion for the Friday blog. First it could be called “Friday’s Favorite Five Epic Battle” something like that. Second have Chelsea’s favorite five along with yours and have us vote on who’s is more Epic!

  • Leanne

    Miley is just growing up and trying to find her way. She is very talented and she will end up just fine. She has a great foundation and was raised properly. I really like the song.

  • Robin Smith

    my vote for a series name is the “Oh Wow Highlights” or something along those lines.

  • M

    - Hashtag Top 5
    – My Top 5…. GO!
    – The Crane and other Kicks
    – All Things Awesome ep. 5

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