Big Brother 15 Player of the Day & Watch With Dan Episode 2

by Dan Gheesling

Dan-Gheesling-Watch-With-Dan-Episode-1With the second episode of Watch With Dan, we had a chance to laugh about the first Eviction together!

Pre-show I also addressed all of the controversy regarding the Houseguests racial comments and my thoughts on what they said.

Also changed on the show was a longer Q&A, where you guys asked some great questions: Watch With Dan: Episode 2 Q&A.

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in to Watch With Dan, you can still go back and watch it synced with your DVR!

Explanation On How To Sync With DVR!

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Second Full Episode!

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Live Feed Giveaway Winners & Next Week’s Giveaway

Win-Big-Brother-Live-FeedsDuring the show, we also gave away 3 Full Season Passes to the Big Brother Live Feeds!

You can enter this week’s giveaway simply by liking (our sponsor) Robson Communication Facebook page!

Also in the beginning of the episode I gave away a few digital copies of my book, How A Normal Guy Got Cast on Reality TV.

I had people tweet me their home setup of how they were watching Big Brother 15 & Watch With Dan together!

Here are a two of the winners:



Player of the Day

Watch-With-Dan-Player-Of-The-Day-2-ElissaMy pick for the Watch With Dan Player of the Day was Elissa! Elissa did two huge things to earn her place!

1. She survived an early scare with her back against the wall!

2. Elissa maintained calm, cool, and collected even when facing the block and a good chance for eviction.

It’s not easy to deal with heat in the Big Brother house but Elissa did a great job!

Be sure to tune in this week to Watch With Dan Episode 3 on Thursday, July 11th, at 8:45PM EST where we will watch together the second evictee leave the house!

Make sure to note the NEW DAY and TIME of Watch With Dan because of the change on the CBS live eviction show.

If you already watched Watch With Dan Episode 2, I’d love to get your feedback in the comments below. What did you think?

  • Athena Santana

    Not sure if my opinion matters, just anyway, I thought you did a great job!and as far as improvements just more interaction really to ALL cause some are feeling ignored, its not about Attention or whatever just Acknowledgement really. I understand your busy and all I do but yeah..anyway, Thank you for listening and I am not trying to be mean or nothing at all, just pointing it out is all. Love ya Dan :) and Keep up the great work! :)

  • Kristin

    Great insights, coach! I love listening to your thoughts about the game. I agree with most of your impressions and strategic assessments of each player. Is it fun for you to be on the outside or more fun to play the game? CBS should hire you! Just sayin’

  • Jody

    I sure hope Elissa gets to stay in the BB house and I want Helen to stay as well, but I don’t want Nick to leave either. Though if Nick goes then MC could be over. I just think Elissa needs a chance to play. My question why isn’t Elissa bargining with her MVP or fighting to stay??? Will Helen really vote Elissa out? If these players are smart then Nick needs to go while they have the chance. To take out Elissa who doesn’t seem to be a threat is crazy…. You can alway vote out a hated player. Take out a player who’s liked, that would be the smart move!

    • Mistmom24

      Helen can’t vote! I don’t want Nick to leave either! but it is not fair that Elissa has been a target from day one! I want Jeremy and Aaryn gone!

  • Joseph

    It’s really interesting to hear the insights of someone who’s been in the house. You do a good job of making it seem like you’re just hanging out and watching the show with us. Cool idea.

  • Jamie

    I loved watching the show again. This time with you. I was excited to see your reaction to all the showmances because you were so against it last year. I can’t wait till next Thrusday when I can watch with Dan live!

  • Linda Robbins

    I love watching you watch BB, and laugh!
    And I am really interested when you talk about the players as individuals, and what they are doing wrong, and right.
    Also, since you aren’t there on BB, this is the next best thing!

  • Cassondra

    Umm, you need to do every episode. Just sayin.

    • Dan Gheesling

      LOL! :)

  • TeeTee

    I agree – Watch With Dan should be every episode – or at least post a BB Blog – on the other two episodes of your thoughts ! Actually I watch it with you twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

    Also, really like the Q&A at the end of the episode…..but only subscribers get to ask questions :( – is there a way that non-subscribers can submit questions to you and you could pick a few to answer during the Q&A – I had some questions in mind and was hoping that one of the subscribers might ask the same question but didn’t happen. ;)

    See you Thursday on Twitch!

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