Be Boring & Predictable

by Dan Gheesling

People see consistency as boring or predictable, but being consistent is everything.

Being consistent is one of the toughest things to do, and often the most valued in any situation.

The consistent .300 hitter in baseball.

The friend who is always there for you.

The always on schedule content creator.

With some people being consistent is an inherent part of their nature, while others have to work at it.

Being an entrepreneur and managing constant distractions I have always had to work at it, hard.

When it comes to the growth of a business, YouTube channel, or even friendship, it always links back to being consistent.

Consistency is a struggle, because it is not realistic to be consistent in EVERYTHING you do. We’re not robots. Somethings will always fall off the to-do list.

We choose what we want to be most consistent with based on our priorities.

Whatever it is you want to grow or become more successful in will be magnified by your level of consistency.

If you want to become more consistent, you must first decide what is worth being consistent for.

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  • Colleen Kelly

    I agree with you. I think being consistent means a lot. Especially when it comes to people. We all have those we feel we can count on, and that is because they are consistently there for us in one way or another from the big things to the little things in life.
    Dan, I really do appreciate you taking the time to write the blog again. :) You always , honestly, really do seem to write something that coincides with something going on in my life or something I need to hear! :) Thanks! :)

  • Miranda Wiley

    Consistency and reliability I think go hand in hand too. Great post.

  • Amanda Nicole Webb

    It’s hard to succeed but luck and Pratice I’ll do good

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