Big Brother, Mike Tyson, and Events This Week!

by Dan Gheesling

This week there’s a lot going on!  A lot of it is good stuff that you might not want to miss, so the post today is to break it all down for you!

But first…

Thank You!

Dan-Gheesling-Geek-And-Sundry-Vlog-VotingYesterday I heard back from Geek and Sundry that the Retro Boss Challenge has made it on to the next round of voting!

There’s no way in heck we’d move on to the next round without your past support and voting. Many of you put in a ton of effort to make sure we stayed on top of the voting leader board and I can’t thank you enough.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

What Happens Next…

Dan-Gheesling-Retro-Boss-Challenge-Geek-And-Sundry-VlogSince the Retro Boss Challenge has made it on to the next round of the vlog competition, here’s what happens next:

  • The first official episode of the Retro Boss Challenge will be created and uploaded on Wednesday, July 10th.
  • Voting for the Final round of the Vlog Competition will go from Wednesday July 10th to Friday, July 19th.
  • 10 of the 30 Finalists will be selected to join the Geek & Sundry network based on voting, YouTube likes, comments, and community feedback.

We’re almost done! It’s my goal to make the first episode of the Retro Boss Challenge the best it possibly can be and from there with your support again, we’ll see if we can win this thing together.

Regardless of what happens, I can’t thank you enough for your support, it means the world to me. Thank you.

First Retro Boss Challenge: Tyson

Dan-Gheesling-Punch-Out-TysonToday (Tuesday) at 12PM EST, the first challenge against Mike Tyson in Punch Out! is going down.

You can tune in here to watch the whole thing (or click here for the archive).

We have 30 minutes to beat him…the odds are stacked, but it’s going to be fun!

Watch With Dan – Wednesday 7:45PM EST

Watch-With-Dan-Sponsored-By-Robson-CommunicationsWatch With Dan is back again tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7:45PM EST.

We’ll be commentating on who the first to be evicted is, as well as talking about the controversy that has been going on.

If you missed the first Episode of Watch With Dan you can check that out here (you can watch this to learn how the Episodes work).

Win CBS Big Brother Live Feeds!

Win-Big-Brother-Live-FeedsLive during Watch With Dan we’ll be giving away another 3 Live Feed Season Long Passes on (thanks to our sponsor Robson Communications).

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is Like our Sponsor’s Facebook Page and enter your e-mail address! That’s it. You can officially enter here to win.

Live Streaming Schedule

SummerSchedBecause of the 4th of July the Live Streaming Schedule on Twitch.TV is modified for the Holiday.

There will be no live-gaming stream on Thursday like it normally is.

Bioshock1In place of the Thursday stream, I’ll be posting one “Lets Play” Bioshock Infinite episode a day from Thursday to Sunday, as a replacement for the stream. ;)

Enjoy Your 4th of July!

As always, I’m sure I’ll be posting photos on Instagram and tweeting during the Holiday.

Best wishes from me to you and your family during this 4th of July week!

  • Heidi

    Happy 4th of July to you & your family !!!! Enjoy your blogs which are always interesting, plan on voting to keep you on top & look forward to Wednesday nights to ‘Watch With Dan’ & hearing your insight/comments that I enjoy!! :)

  • Nicole Kozminuk

    THANK YOU so much for having a Facebook based contest!!! (Not twitter) So much easier to enter, and KNOW I did it right!!!!

    • Nicole Kozminuk

      Looking forward to Wed to see if we agree on the MVP this week. We didn’t agree last week. I think Mcray was the best player last week. He was smart enough to hold on and get that 1st HOH. It’s necessary when you don’t know what’s going on, to make yourself safe. HOH was the only way for him to guarantee that. He told Nic that he was safe (to make him drop) but told us that he’s willing to stab the guy in the back if it suits his purpose at the time. He set himself up to be in the MC by winning too. Nic never would’ve approached him to join it, if he wasn’t HOH. The fact that he won POV, however is STUPID AS FUCK. So, lets see if we agree this week. So far I think Nic is the best player. He’s taking the initiative and trying to get Mcray to use his POV. If Mcray uses the POV he’s an idiot. You don’t need to piss off 1 more person in week one. Let things be and send David home!

      • Pam Russell

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Nick actually reminds me of Dan. The only mistake I believe the MC has made was making Jeremy a member. Judd may have been a better alternative. He seems genuine and loyal. McCrae worries me with his involvement with Amanda. Could be a Danielle/Shane deal in which he chooses her over his original alliance. I really do like Howard but do not believe he has the meanness necessary to win and conniving attitude. It is a disappointing season for the ladies this year. Unfortunately many of the girls are consumed with showmances and emotional revenge. Taking Helen out this week would be a waste of an HOH. I also believe too much emphasis is being spent on Elissa. If she can get MVP every week, I would find a way to use that to my advantage.

  • Colleen Kelly

    Gosh Dan so much work on this post.

    Thank you for that. :)

    Hey, I’m loving that Bioshock game!. Been watching your videos. Thanks for those as well. :)

    Now that you have done so much work, have a fun 4th!

    Why were so nervous during Tyson today ?? OMG Dan!. lolol
    You can do it. That’s a fact!.

    He WILL ……kiss Canvas. Haha!

    Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaax Rocky ;)

  • Diane

    ahhhhhh so nice…thanks Dan, you have a great day also! so glad bb is back!!! the F bombs are flying again!!! (sometimes to much for my old , lol) still fun!!! Happy 4th…….Gob Bless America! be well be happy….

  • TeeTee

    Wishing you and your family a great 4th of July !!! Us Canadians had our long weekend last weekend but hey I always say Canadians should celebrate from July 1st throught to July 4th lol!

  • Frankie

    Is there any one one bb15 kin to you in any way. Rumor has it that nick is, please let me know

  • TeeTee

    I read that too Frankie!!! But not quite sure if I believe it. Let’s see what Dan says – I asked that same question in chat during the last Watch With Dan episode……didn’t quite get a definite answer but he was being asked so many questions though.

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