A (Not Average) Day In My Life

by Dan Gheesling

This past week I sent an email with a survey to who signed up for the list asking for your help in starting the blog back up! The survey just asked what would you like to read from the blog in the future.

Thank you to everyone who responded. There was a wide range of responses covering everything from daily leadership help to my daily schedule. After reading everyone’s responses (I read each one individually) I decide to start the blog back up with one post per week. Since I am not currently writing a new book, I actually do miss writing (for as painful as it can sometimes be).

What can you expect? One post per week.

In the past, I stuck to a rigid schedule of writing and eventually got burnt out/bored.  I am going to keep the blog open ended with the goal to provide some sort of value to you, even in the smallest way, whether through telling a story/making you laugh, or sharing something with you that you can learn from.

Thanks to everyone who shared their responses! One person in particular (Jordan) asked what a day in my life is like, so Jordan, here you go:

My Tuesday Schedule:

6:45AM – Wake up thanks to my 3 alarms set on my iPhone.

7:00AM – After putting in contacts / brushing teeth, etc., I let Frank out to use the facilities and start a cup of coffee (or two for Chelsea). Frank gets fed; I eat some cereal, get dressed and press on for the day.

7:30AM – Arrive at my office, take a look at the day’s events (scheduled on Sunday) and get things ready to go live at 8:00AM for my morning Twitch show.

8:00AM – Morning stream starts, talk about big gaming news topics, get into the gameplay for the day.

8:45AM – Take a break from my morning show to hop on Skype for Canada’s Morning show.

9:10AM – Get slightly nervous while the producers count down from 30 seconds to live.

9:20AM – Live segment on Canadian TV is over, start my show back up on Twitch.

11:15AM – Wrap my Twitch show for the day.

11:30AM – Eat lunch, walk down to the Post Office to mail some junk.

12:00PM – Set the 20 minute timer to answer all e-mails that have been sitting for a few days.

12:20PM – Daily writing (usually an article of some sort).

1:00PM – Respond to a few tweets on Twitter.

1:15PM – Get things prepped for the coaching clients for the day.

2:00PM – First coaching client of the day.

3:00PM – Second coaching client of the day.

4:15PM – Conference call with Speaking Agency about potential upcoming events.

4:45PM – Hop on a quick phone call on some Real Estate issues.

5:15PM – Record trailer video for YouTube.

5:35PM – After recording 3 takes of fails, finally post the video.

5:45PM – Set another 20 minutes timer to go through all final e-mails.

6:00PM – Record next YouTube game series.

7:00PM – Head home for the day.

The thing about each of my “work days” is, it is always different. The schedule for the day I shared with you just happened to have a lot of random things going on.

Even after looking at this schedule I see a few spots where I could have carved out some time to be a bit more productive. I think that is what the ultimate goal is, to make sure you are maximizing your day with what you need/want to be spending it on while always trying to get better.

It is really easy for me to get sidetracked so sticking to a combination of a daily task list and schedule helps to keep me on task.

TAKEAWAY: If you are struggling in your day-to-day life, start with your schedule. Before you create a daily schedule for yourself, spend one day like you typically would, but document what you do every hour in the day. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but wanting to change your daily routine doesn’t matter until you know exactly what to change. It’s not the most groundbreaking or innovative advice of all time, but it works.


  • Kathryn

    I need to go lie down after reading this, coach. Wow! You deserve all the success you get with that kind of schedule :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Just trying to keep up with you! :)

  • Hayley

    Hi Dan,
    Saw the email and meant to fill out the survey! I agree with leadership tips those are always helpful! Any other public speaking tips are great too, since you seem like a pro! I love gaming and love hearing news and your take/opinion on things related to that! This was an awesome post. Gave us you look up to you a nice little glimpse into your everyday life!


    • Dan Gheesling

      Hey thanks Hayley! I appreciate your feedback AND taking time out to read it. :)

  • Stephanie

    Great blog Dan! I’m amazed to know you can wake up get ready & get to the office and start streaming within 1 hour & fifteen minutes! That’s some skill right there!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Sometimes I cut it close, hence the FJ7x remixes. :)

  • Jordan Moore

    Hey that’s me:) Thanks Dan!!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks Jordan!

  • Cathi Eaton

    Thank you for sharing your talent and great advice. I am recovering from 3 orthopedic surgeries within last 6 months. They went fine BUT dirty narcotics play with your mind and emotions. Off them now. Third withdrawal. I feel rather, extremely dependent etc. End result will be amazing but knee recovery is so slow. The point of all this is I have little energy and am rather housebound. Thus Big Brother is the highlight of my week. You were amazing on the show. You made me smile. Thank goodness it is on tonight. I am a teacher too. I have done a little coaching. Thus you were my favourite from the start. And, I am Catholic. Again thank you for giving me a pleasant lift. You are a guy inwould love to ntroduce to my 28 year old son. He is a good guy and is definitely a hard worker BUT to our dismay he is still finding himself. You might want to write a book for parents.

  • Shawn

    Hey Dan!

    Just want to say still think your the best BB player of all time. Dr. Will 2nd. Think you’ll ever play again or would being “you” be too much of an obstacle to overcome early? Congrats on life brother, your Dan the Man hope and now that I found this I will support your other online endeavors.
    Shawn Patrick

  • martina

    its actually amzing that you take time out of your busy schedual to write this i like your takeaway tip i kinda wanna try it also cant wait to see the rest of your blogs/writting i love reading anything you right:)

  • Nicholas

    Hey Dan, where do u get the awesome Tupac GIFs that you post on Twitter? I love those!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Secret. Illuminati.

  • http://www.ginamazzetti.com Gina

    Always enjoy reading your blog posts, as I find them incredibly relatable and fulfilling. Keep up the great work Dan : )

    • Dan Gheesling

      Hey thanks Gina, I checked out your site, keep up the awesome work!

  • Danielle parjus

    Your day is more productive and eventful than you think. Keep it up Dan! Hope you and Chelsea are doibg great! I’m newly married myself. My hubby George Parjus jr. Thinks your the best BB player of all time. As do I. More blogs please!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks Danielle, goal is to do one a week!

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