New Video: An Average Day in My Life & Why I’ll Return to Call of Duty

by Dan Gheesling

In case you haven’t Subscribed to my YouTube channel, here is the latest episode of Ask Dan or at least what it has morphed into!

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Have a great one guys!

  • Jessica

    I love videos like these because you get to share little things you’re currently in to as well as talk about what the fans want to know. You never disappoint!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks Jess! :)

  • Debbie

    Awww, how about spending some of the 500K on a x-box?? LOL :)
    I love x-box! It would be so awesome to play x-box with Dan! :)

    • Dan Gheesling


  • Heidi

    Enjoy your videos so very much & thanks for giving us a peek into your daily life….. Additionally, I never miss ‘Watch With Dan’……

    Here’s my questions:

    Do you watch the show ‘Graceland’ on USA, based on a true story revolving around undercover agents?? Also, do you watch ‘Ray Donovan’ on Showtime?? If you watch either of these would love to hear your thoughts….

    Thanks so much……:)

  • Tiff

    OMG!!! I love C.O.D :) we totally have to game together soon on PS3 :) I love Multi-player… :)

    • Tiff

      my ? is Can you add me on PS3? haha pplzzzzzz :D lol

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