Ask Dan Episode #2: Mad Men + Big Brother? Dexter Finale? Best Batman Ever?

by Dan Gheesling

AskDan2A few weeks ago I went out on a limb and tested a new idea where I took your questions and answered them on video…GROUNDBREAKING idea, I know. ;)

The first episode of Ask Dan was a lot of fun to make and forced me to learn how to use Final Cut Pro (editing software)!

After I posted the episode on YouTube, the feedback you left was overwhelmingly positive, enough so to keep the Ask Dan video series going. :)

In the second episode of Ask Dan, the questions got even more ridiculous (and awesome) because I took them from both Facebook AND Twitter.

You can watch the new Episode below:

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In the next episode of Ask Dan I’ll be taking questions from YouTube, so if you want your question answered, leave a comment on YouTube!

  • sholland

    So GOOD Dan! Not only do we get to learn some new things about you with the ASK Dan episode, but we get to see just how much fun you can have because you don’t take yourself to serious. I love watching these! I hope you continue.

    Great job with the editing…didn’t take nearly as long as the last one ;)

  • Kaitlyn

    I want Dexter to kill Deb sooo bad!

  • Jess

    lol mosquito question I lost it! This is great fun watching this! Thanks for taking the time to do these.

  • nikita patel

    Great job editing Dan. You clearly have done your research on infusing your bloopers with the video and all the other edits. Can’t wait for the next video!

  • Martina

    Omg you comment about the dexter finale…so I deffs need to watch this ASAP!:)

  • Sandy

    Hi Dan!
    First, I couldn’t agree more with your Dexter prediction, and what you would rather have happen. Clever.
    Okay, Now I’m sure you think The Vampire Diaries is a girly tv show, but, the Spin-off called the Originals starts in the fall. I want to know if you think Klaus is cool, or not?! He is a Hybrid – half Vamp half Werewolf and is over 1, 000 years old. He is like a bad butt villian, but super likable too.
    What are your thoughts?

  • TeeTee

    Awesome Ask Dan segment!! I loved it!! I laughed and smiled all the way through!!! I agree with Sholland – it is great to see you having fun making the video…..the editing and graphics are hilarious! Love it and thank you for the laughter and the smiles you bring with each and every post! Yeah I know I might be having a FanGirl moment eh! awww shhhhhhhhhhh!

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