10 Things You Don’t Know About DG

by Chelsea Gheesling

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  • Linda

    Watch it Dan, you and Ian both tend to get kinda cocky.. be careful. I want you to go all the way, alll the way.

  • Becky

    Dan you well surpass Dr Will your stratagems are awesome, although you have had to epitome, which I’m sure is hard, you have done it with class

  • saphina

    Dan, I have always been a “Team Dan” Fan! I still have my “Team Dan” T-shirt that I bought from you when you were on BB in 2008.
    Today is Thursday, September 6th and a Double Eviction is looming. I think your social game is awesome. I can’t believe that you pulled off the most epic move ever when you talked Frank into having Jenn pull you off the block. I watched in complete wonder! I am hoping and praying that you win BB 14. Go DAN Go! Saphina

  • Christy S

    Hi Chelsea,
    I am so happy to see Dan still in the house. I have been Team Dan since BB10. I have kept up thru here and emailed him a few times. Your doing a great job keeping it all going. I can’t wait for tonight. I get all nervous too. Dan just seems like a little brother to me since I have been interacting with him. I am so proud of him. Hoping to see him win it again. Hang tough!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      Thank you so much!

  • Ariel

    I have to say, Dan, you have made it in my top big brother players. Maybe even up there with Dr. Will. Master Manipulator. ;)

  • Grant

    If he keeps this up, and wins the game, Dan will be the best Big Brother player in history. I am a HUGE Dan fan! So I hope he wins. One thing I have always loved about Dan is his Christian faith. And I know BB is all about mind tricks and strategy, and sometimes you have to go back on promises, but I get iffy when he starts putting the Bible into his promises. When he starts swearing on God and the Bible, those are things you can’t take lightly. Thats between him and God and I hope he’s praying about it.But I still love the guy and am rooting for him all the way! TEAM DAN

  • Susan

    Dan will be the next and first repeat winner of BB! Team Dan!

  • Colleen

    Wow! I thought that you couldn’t surpass your first time on BB, but WOW! A truly great manipulator! I salute you, although I would never trust you! Scary smart!

    • Vicki

      Yes, love him but he’ll never be trusted in any future BB.

  • saphina

    Dan, sorry about saying you were in the BB house in 2008, I meant 2010. OMG you survived the Double eviction!!! You are so close to the WIN I can hardly believe it. GO TEAM DAN!!!! Saphina

  • http://donthaveone. Colten Howie

    Dan is easily the best player in Big Brother history. He was GONE 2 weeks ago, but he convinced Frank to let him stay, and then voted him out the next week. Love it!

  • Terrie Achacoso

    Dan, I have to say you are playing an amazing game. I hope you take the whole thing, however, you’ll probably come in second, unless the jury is wise, not jealous, of your game. This season sure is Big Brother Dan! I am 65 years old and am glued to each surprising episode. You’re a great leader and have taught the younger generations that need it, many good lessons and survival skills. I admire you and am thrilled to hear you are happily married. All the best to you. Keep me in the loop! Terrie in Miami.

  • Linda Zeban

    DAN THE MAN!!!!!!! I am constantly praying for you to bring home the win!! You are BY FAR the greatest player in Big Brother history! If I were to ever be in the BB house I would both, want to be partners with you YET….. be terrified to be partners with you. ;O) Thank-you for keeping the game interesting. Without you, season 14 would have been lame. God Bless You!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      Thanks for the prayers!

  • Niki Howes

    Just wanna say that I love Dan. He’s my fave BB houseguest ever and I’ve been watching since season 3! Good luck Dan, you deserve to win again!!

    And to Chelsea, thanks so much for taking the time to interact with fans and answer questions. Really appreciate it! I saw you and Dan’s wedding video on YouTube and you two are the most adorable couple! <3 both super sweet and gorgeous! So happy for you both!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      It has been my pleasure :)

  • Lisa

    The Dan mist has been amazing, I loved and rooted for you your first time around and think this season you ratcheted up perfectly. To the naysayers: jealously isn’t attractive. Hands down best BB player to enter the house. Smartly done.

  • Rich D.

    Win or lose, Hands down, you are the best BB player in history! Having played football for 15+ years and being a current referee, I love how you incorporate the greatest game in the world into BB. You are always 2 steps ahead of everyone!! Great job bro!! You are the Vince Lombardi of Big Brother! Leave it all on the field DG!!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      Thanks for supporting Team Dan!!

  • Sharon4727

    I think that you are an amazing woman and most of all, an amazing wife. Dan is lucky to have a wife such as yourself behind him and supporting him all the way. I am sure you have had to read things that are nasty but in the end, you know your husband better than anyone. You are an inspiration!!

    Thank you,

  • Paige

    Dan I’m only ten and I’ve never seen ur original season but I watched some episodes on youtube. You are my favorite player and I hope u win this season. You played an awesome game and you deserve to win. You are the only coach to bring ur player to the end, I know you’re not a coach anymore but I would want you as my coach. I love you Dan!!!!

  • Angie

    Well all i can say is i was a fan of dan dani since they were a team theyve helped each other. Everyone says way to go dan, thats true but dani has helped u alot i hope u will be loyal to her and take her to the finale she would u!!!! But who knows if ur for real u will because u both deserve something. If u dont ill hate myself for wanting u to go all the way! Money doesnt last forever friendship and what people think of u do!!!

  • Herb

    I am a big fan of Big Brother and have watched every episode. Dan I enjoyed your game the first time you played, but honestly how greedy can you get! You have already won once and now you are using BB 14 to plug your business. It maybe a game, but your tactics have surprised me. Not sure what kind of Christian you are. You should have given someone else a chance that may have needed the prizes.

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