People see consistency as boring or predictable, but being consistent is everything.

Being consistent is one of the toughest things to do, and often the most valued in any situation.

The consistent .300 hitter in baseball.

The friend who is always there for you.

The always on schedule content creator.

With some people being consistent is an inherent part of their nature, while others have to work at it.

Being an entrepreneur and managing constant distractions I have always had to work at it, hard. [click to continue…]

Success is predetermined.

Not predetermined in the way that you may think of in which everything is already scripted out because of “fate.”

Success is predetermined by your preparation and experience.

A personal example…

Dan-Gheesling-UCF-Presentation-AudienceTonight I have a speaking event at Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON. I know it is going to go well because I have already done all of the hard work of rehearsing, tweaking the presentation, and adjusting from previous speaking events.

Sure, there may be an unexpected audio or video issue, but the success of the event will be measured on how clear the message is received, and the willingness of the students to act on the message.

The experience of doing many similar speaking events before this one tonight, also has predetermined the success of this event.

The first time I spoke to a college audience was an average experience, it was OK, but wasn’t great. Sure I prepared for hours upon hours, but how good can you really be at something if you are just doing it for the first time?

The first time you do something, your level of preparation has to be exponentially greater than the second time, because you have no experience at it.

The predetermination of success is ultimately controlled by you. [click to continue…]

Hitting a rut, wall, plateau, whatever you want to call it is inevitable. You can be on a win streak for only so long, before things taper off.

It can happen in a lot of different ways, whether in business, personally, or in my case fitness. When things tend to get tough it is a lot easier to derail and tailspin to the least path of resistance.

Sometimes people respond and dig their way out. And sometimes people need to stop digging. I’ve been around a lot of smart football coaches in my life, and one of them told me once “the best way to get out of a hole is to stop digging.”

Trying to change the scenario you are in can be as easy as deciding what you need to do with a shovel: dig your way out, or stop digging?



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