dan-gheesling-red-deer-college-public-speaking-helpAbout a year ago, I sat down to look at the “business” behind public speaking.

I often get asked how I got started speaking, and it all stemmed from one speaking opportunity at Rider University in NJ. (Thanks Nick! If you have attended one of my speaking events, send Nick a quick tweet – because he gave me my first shot!)

After that first presentation, I tell people it just “grew from there” but how did it grow? [click to continue…]

It has been a while since an update post and a lot has been going on!

First off, I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween, Chelsea and I had a blast:



(Probably our best combo costume of all timeHeisenberg and Jesse Pinkman for anyone who didn’t watch Breaking Bad)

Side note: that is not real blue crystal in Chelsea’s pocket.

Outside of that things have been going very well with the businesses and speaking events!

Speaking of which the next two weeks I’ll be on the road a lot, so if you are in the area make sure to come out. I may have an impromptu meetup in your area, if so, I’ll announce it via email first.

In the next two weeks I’ll be visiting four different Universities in 10 days to speak to students about action based leadership. It is always a ton of fun to connect with students and it’s an honor to be able to speak and hopefully inspire them to action!

Wisconsin – Cardinal Stritch University – Nov 11th.

dan-gheesling-cardinal-stritch-speakingThis will be my first visit back to Wisconsin since I was coaching at MSU back in 2006!

All the credit for this event goes to Hannah Bergland who signed up to be a Student Ambassador and made this entire thing happen.

While in town I’m looking forward to taking both Hannah and one of her friends out to dinner as one of the “perks” of being an SA. This is a closed event only [click to continue…]

People see consistency as boring or predictable, but being consistent is everything.

Being consistent is one of the toughest things to do, and often the most valued in any situation.

The consistent .300 hitter in baseball.

The friend who is always there for you.

The always on schedule content creator.

With some people being consistent is an inherent part of their nature, while others have to work at it.

Being an entrepreneur and managing constant distractions I have always had to work at it, hard. [click to continue…]

Success Is Predetermined

Success is predetermined. Not predetermined in the way that you may think of in which everything is already scripted out because of “fate.” Success is predetermined by your preparation and experience. A personal example… Tonight I have a speaking event at Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON. I know it is going to go well because […]

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Getting Out of a Tough Spot

Hitting a rut, wall, plateau, whatever you want to call it is inevitable. You can be on a win streak for only so long, before things taper off. It can happen in a lot of different ways, whether in business, personally, or in my case fitness. When things tend to get tough it is a […]

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Why Are You Posting That Online?

This past weekend I went to the Homecoming game at St. Mary’s. I used to spend a lot of time on the campus when I was teaching and coaching, but now not so much. I try to make at least one football game a year to check out the team, and say hello to some […]

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Being A Little Nicer Than The Next Person Always Works

Last week I was in Seattle with my friends, and we were in one of those situations where we weren’t sure where to go out to dinner. You know what I am talking about, where everyone is hungry, but no one wants to make a decision? It was getting late at night, around 8:00PM and […]

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The Good and Bad Of Attending A Speaking Conference

A few weeks ago I visited NYC for a 2 day leadership speaking conference. It was the first time I had been to a speaking conference, which normally is not my thing, but much like anything else the only real way to learn if you like something is to try it. There were some good […]

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Business 101: How To Ask For Something – An Epic Fail Story

From time to time I get interview requests, whether it is for a podcast, radio station, blog, or even school newspaper. Around the summer time these requests pop up a lot more because of Big Brother, which is understandable. I realize I am not Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, or LeBron James (weird combo of people […]

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